Tweak Browser

What is the Tweak Browser?

Based on Wkit v. 8.11.0

The Tweak Browser lets you to search for various elements. For instance, you can utilize the TweakDB Editor ⇗ in CET to locate a weapon record ⇗, then use the identified name to search for the entry in the Tweak Browser in WolvenKit. Once found, you can right-click on the tweak and select 'Add TweakXL Override', once done that you'll create a .yaml file with the tweak array structure.

The location of the browser in Wolvenkit depends on your design view. In most cases, you can find it within the right-side navigation. However, if you're unable to locate it, you can easily enable it by navigating to 'View' and selecting 'Tweak Browser'

For furter info about TweakDB modding you can check the CET Wiki ⇗ and the Cyberpunk 2077 Modding wiki ⇗

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