Error Codes

A list of Wolvenkit error codes, and what they mean


Published: May 1 2024 by manavortex Last documented update: May 1 2024 by manavortex

This page contains an overview about Wolvenkit's internal error codes and what they mean.

For developers:

When editing this page (especially section headers), please update the internal mapping: WolvenKit/Helpers/LogCodeHelper.cs

What to do with an error

If you ended up on this page, you ran into a problem that needs to be fixed inside WolvenKit. You now have the following options:

Install the Nightly

If you are on the stable release, you should try The Wolvenkit Nightly. There's a good chance that your problem is already solved.

Update all tools involved

Find support on Discord

Find our discord server and hit up the #wolvenkit-support channel. (Don't bother if you aren't on the Nightly yet, it's the first thing anyone there will tell you.)

Create a ticket

If your error still happens in the Nightly, you need to tell us about it. It's easy: bugs that don't get reported don't get fixed.

Head to Wolvenkit's github page and create a ticket (you need a github or Google account, but they won't send you spam).

To fix the bug, we need to watch it in action. Please include everything we need to make it happen!

Error code list

0x2000: Type not supported (8192)

WolvenKit ran into a problem during internal conversion. Here's what you can do:

  1. Re-create whatever file you were trying to work on at that time:

    1. A game file from an earlier patch: Add it to your project again

    2. A depot file: Delete the file from the depot and/or re-create the depot

If that doesn't work, please get in touch via Discord or browse the troubleshooting section.

0x5000: Invalid settings

You have an unspecified issue with your settings. Double-check them and make sure that everything is configured correctly.

If that doesn't help, remove or re-name your settings file and restart WolvenKit:


0x5001: Invalid Game File Executable

Check your Settings ->Game Executable (.exe) Path and make sure that it points at your Cyberpunk2077.exe. For more information, check the wiki link.

0x5002: Failed to launch game executable

Check 0x5001: Invalid Game File Executable and make sure that all your settings are valid. If that doesn't fix your problem, you may have to reset your settings, see 0x5000: Invalid settings for detes.

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