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How the Wolvenkit Blender plugin works


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This is the landing page for the Wolvenkit Blender plugin. Here, you can find Usage instructions, as well as an overview of its features:

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Game versionPlugin versionWolvenkit version

2.0.0 or higher

latest (at least 1.5.0)

>= 8.11.0 (stable | nightly)

up to 1.6.3_hotfix1 (but before 2.0)

< 1.5.0

The plugin is developed on Blender 3.6 and Blender 4.0. For maximum compatibility, install the same version.


As soon as you have a mesh or armature selected, the viewport toolbar (keyboard shortcut to hide/unhide: n) will show you the CP77 Modding tab:


Animation Tools

In the animation tools, you can find

  • shortcuts for playing, renaming and deleting existing animations

  • shortcuts to add new actions and insert keyframes

You can load one of Cyberpunk's default armatures at any time:

If you import an .anims file, selecting any armature will give you the option to play any existing animation:

Mesh Tools

Transfer Vertex Weights

Lets you transfer vertex weights from one collection to the other (please read the info box below):

Transfer weights with the click of a button!

The plugin will transfer weights by submesh name. If your target armature has more submeshes than your source armature, simply create duplicates and rename them accordingly.

Alternatively: By hand

You can only do this on a mesh-by-mesh basis, so you have to do all meshes in sequence.

To check out the more detailed process with a Transfer Weight modifier, check out the Custom facial piercings - PRC Framework page, section Weight painting

  1. Select the mesh with weights

  2. Select the mesh that you want your weights transferred to

  3. Press Ctrl+L and select Transfer Mesh Data

  4. In the popup at the bottom left of your viewport, change the following properties:

  1. Click anywhere else. You're done!

For documentation of the autofitter, see the corresponding wiki page.


Lets you change the armature target (the skeleton that'll move and deform your mesh)

Material Export: Hair

Lets you export a hair profile. For documentation, see Hair profiles (.hp)

You can find a guide about at the link.

UV Checker

With the press of a button, you can switch out the currently active material to a coloured and numbered grid for easier UV mapping.

If the UV checker is currently assigned, pushing the button again will restore the original material.

Collision Tools

The collision tools and -generator can

  • generate of convex colliders with the exact shape of your mesh The number of vertices to sample should be set to match the number set in the .phys file in order to ensure successful export

  • generate box and capsule colliders with either user specified sizing or sized automatically to match the selected mesh

  • export edited collision bodies back to .phys ***currently requires a wolvenkit converted .phys.json file

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