psiberx's RedHotTools - a powerful utility for better mod development

Installation guide

You can download RedHotTools on psiberx's github:

To install it, extract both downloaded files directly into your Cyberpunk 2077 game directory.

What does it do?

Integrated with Cyber Engine Tweaks, Wolvenkit and VisualStudioCode, it offers the following features:

Hot Reload

RHT can reload archives, scripts and tweaks for you at runtime without having to restart the game.

For documentation on how to do this, check RHT: Hot Reload

Script checking

  • See scripts validation and binding errors

  • Prevent game from starting if scripts compilation fails

Game object inspection

With the RHT overlay for Cyber Engine Tweaks, you can inspect game objects at runtime:


Here, you can inspect world nodes and their properties:


Here, you can scan for any nodes around you:

If you expand the node properties, you can simply hide them at run-time, or use the integration with Removal Editor to create permanent presets:


Reverse search of world nodes and spawned entities

Inspecting chunkmasks

RedHotTools lets you look up chunk masking of existing items at runtime.

You can inspect chunkmasks of player or NPC equipment via AppearanceCreatorMod; check Submeshes, Materials and Chunks -> ACM for details.


For player or NPC clothing, you can use the Watch tab. Find the component in the corresponding puppet's component array:



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