Visualize Quest files

First steps into find quest archives.

Missions or quests are organized into separate files that contain nodes or references to other "files" called Questphases and Scenes.

Apartments provide a good learning opportunity because they consist of a questphase side, which forms the core of the entire game, and a scene file side, which includes choices, animations, buffs obtained from sleeping, timeskips resulting from sleeping, or audio in the shower.

Questphases can be thought of as graphs that may contain a few #noderefs, which are used to load prefabs for the phase. The questphases are connected together using handlerefs, which handle IDs in their socket setups.

Visualize .questphase files

In order to visualize the quest on wolvenkit we need to find or locate a Questphase file that represents the progression of quests:

The following graph is a visualization of the Questphase file:


To visualize Questphase in Wolvenkit we need to:

  • Identify and locate a .questphase file on the Asset browser.

  • Click on "Add it to the project" or "open without adding to the project" (image A)

  • When you open the .questphase file you'll see first a "resource" window with all the questphase dependencies/archives and info. (Image B)

  • Switch to Graph editor on the tabs (image C)


In this gitbook there is a list of questphase โ‡— files

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