Audio Modding: Redmod

Audio Modding - WolvenKit Integration

The REDmod sound import tool can be used in a WolvenKit project.

  • Add the .wav sound files you wish to import to your /customSounds folder in your mod project

  • Click Tools > Sound Modding Tool

  • In the Sound Modding Tool, choose which event to mod from the list of game sound events

  • Adjust the parameters in the bottom right

  • Click Save

Audio Modding - Manually

Place raw .wav audio files inside <Cyberpunk 2077>/mods/<name>/customSounds. Include a info.json file with your mod (<Cyberpunk 2077>/mods/<name>/customSounds/info.json) where you sepcify how to use your custom sounds.


  "name": "newmodtest",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "customSounds": [
      "name": "amb_bl_eq_medical_electronics_small",
      "type": "mod_skip"
      "name": "w_gun_revol_power_overture_fire_suppressor",
      "type": "mod_skip"
      "name": "w_gun_npc_dian_reload",
      "type": "mod_sfx_2d",
      "file": "are_you_sure_about_that.wav",
      "gain": 1.0,
      "pitch": 0.1


  • name - the game audio event to override

  • type - the sound type. Options are:

    • mod_skip: do not play this sound event

    • mod_sfx_2d: will be played without any positions / attenuation

    • mod_sfx_city: has a longer attenuation that is suitable for city sounds

    • mod_sfx_low_occlusion: has a long attenuation that isn't occluded much e.g. a VO or quest sound that you don't want to be muffled

    • mod_sfx_occlusion: medium attenuation with normal occlusion

    • mod_sfx_radio: needs to be tuned to a broadcast channel (e.g. radio)

    • mod_sfx_room: has a shorter attenuation suitable for something that can be heard across a room

    • mod_sfx_street: has a medium attenuation, good for something to be heard down a street

    • mod_sfx_ui: for menu and ui sound replacement

  • file - the .wav file to use (inside /customSounds)

  • gain and pitch

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