Moving and renaming in existing projects

How to avoid changing every single depotPath in your mod by hand


Check the following steps:

Exporting the files to JSON

  1. In Wolvenkit, save all your open tabs and close them. You don't want any files to be open in Wolvenkit for what comes next.

  2. Move and rename your files and folders, e.g. tutorial\myshirt to your_modder_name\my_tshirt. (If Wolvenkit doesn't let you, you can use the Windows Explorer.)

Make sure that you stick to lower case letters and use _ instead of spaces!

Good: your_modder_name\my_tshirt Bad: yourModderName\myShirt Horrible: your modder name\My Shirt

  1. In Wolvenkit, right-click on the top level folder under archive and select "Convert to JSON"

Changing the file paths

We will use Notepad++ to adjust the file paths in all files in your project. For that, we need to find and replace the following entries. If you aren't sure about that, see the next section.

What kind of file:Find What (your old path)Replace with (your new path)

Inside the .archive (with double slashes)



in resource files (e.g. .xl)



in script files (e.g. reds)



If you already know what to do, you can skip forward to Importing Back.

Preparation: what do I replace again?

  1. Switch Wolvenkit's project browser to raw, then open one of the created .json files in Notepad++.

  2. Use "Search: Find in Files..." (Ctrl+Shift+F)

  3. In Find What, enter the name of your old folder (e.g. tutorial)

  4. Click Find All - that will give you all the entries you have to replace.

Make sure that you are using the same kind of slashes. If the old path has double backslashes, the new path must have them as well.

We goin' in

You know what to replace now. For every type of entry, do the following:

  1. Use "Search: Find in Files..." (Ctrl+Shift+F)

    1. Check the Follow Current Doc. checkbox.

    2. Click into the Directory field. It now has the path to the file you've just opened

    3. Cut off the subdirectories: you'll want to search and replace directly under source

    4. For Find what put the name of your old folder that you copied in step 6

    5. For Replace with put the name of your new folder. Make sure that you have double backslashes!

    6. Click on Replace in Files

Importing back

Now that we have changed the paths, we need to get those changes back into our Wolvenkit project. In the project's raw view, right-click on the toplevel folder and select "Import from JSON" (however it is named, there's just one item that will let you import your json files)

Deleting leftover files

If you have packed any tutorial projects before renaming files or folders, make sure to delete leftover files from your Cyberpunk 2077 directory. It's easiest to search the root folder for tutorial and delete everything that looks like your old stuff โ€” if it's from your project, the next install will put it back.

That's it! Have fun!

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