Modding on Linux

How to get mods working on SteamDeck or other Linux distros

Find a guide how to optimize Cyberpunk 2077 settings for SteamDeck on /r/SteamDeck


This page tells you how to set the launch options for Steam under Linux. If you have trouble after an update and have exhausted all the usual steps, make sure to double-check them โ€” sometimes, Steam helpfully deletes them for you to make sure that your game crashes on startup. For GoG or Epic Games Store, the steps are the same, but the location to set the launch options are different.


You need to

  • Install d3dcompiler_47

  • Install vcrun2022

  • Adjust the Steam launch option to be: WINEDLLOVERRIDES="winmm,version=n,b" %command%

If you can't get it to work, follow the steps below to apply the launch options via Protontricks, or search the #red4ext-support channel on the modding discord to find out what else you can do.

Protontricks: Setting up

Make sure that you are on the most recent version of Protontricks. This guide will follow how to perform these steps on a SteamDeck, but other KDE-based distros should be similar. Other Linux distros will need to go to their respective app stores to download Protontricks.

If you don't want to read text, find a video documenting the process here. Thanks to Connor for providing the screenshots and transcription!

To configure the necessary parameters, you can use the app Protontricks, which you can download through the built-in app browser "Discover":

  1. Open Protontricks (you can search for this by selecting start menu)

  1. When Protontrick opens, select Cyberpunk:

  1. Choose "Select the default wineprefix":

  1. Add an override: Check both of the checkboxes below

If you do not see vcrun2022 please verify you're on the latest version of Protontricks

Apply via "OK". You may receive an error below or similar. If you do, click "Yes" to continue the installation.

Steam: Launch Options

Switch to steam and make sure that the launch options are set as below: WINEDLLOVERRIDES="winmm,version=n,b" %command%

Lutris: setting up

Taken from CET's github

  1. Open Lutris

  2. Right click on the game > Settings > Runner options

  3. While newer versions of Lutris can use Proton, it is advised you use Wine-GE instead. Make sure you're using at least lutris-GE-Proton8-1

  1. Scroll down to DLL overrides, click on Add to add a key. Add the following keys:

GOG: Launch Options

You can find the launch options for GOG in the game's config menu under Manage Installation -> Configure...

As under Steam, you have to add WINEDLLOVERRIDES="winmm,version=n,b" %command%

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