Merging existing tattoos: into a clean template

Optional: If you want to merge your tattoos into a clean template, check this page.


Published: 18 May 2024 by YoursTrulyBilly Last documented edit: 18 May 2024 by YoursTrulyBilly

This is an optional sub-page for the Merging existing tattoos guide. Only follow the steps here if you want to merge into a clean template โ€” otherwise, you can go on!

Adding the target file

We will merge both of these tattoos into the file that's loaded by the VTK framework. To get that, we'll download the Modding resources from xBaebSae's VTK mod.

For a list of which frameworks overwrite which files, you can check Overlay textures by framework

  1. In the downloaded zip file, open the subfolder xBaebsae_VanillaHD_Body

  2. Extract the base folder inside into your Wolvenkit project, subfolder source\archive:

  1. You only need v_textures\body, so you can delete the folder characters.

The file v_body_d.xbm contains the naked body texture. You can use that as a reference!

  1. Now, rename v_overlay.xbm (for example to v_overlay_0.xbm)

Why am I renaming this?

Tattoo frameworks work by loading certain overlays on top of the regular skin texture. Due to technical limitations, these overlays must be hardcoded.

You want to create a new overlay with the merged textures from both of your .archive mods. Since all these files will change the same .xbm file, we're creating a backup here.

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