Spawn Codes (BaseIDs/Hashes)

Item spawn codes and how they link to appearances

What's a BaseID?

Each item is uniquely identified by this . You can use it to spawn items via Cyber Engine Tweaks with the following command:

Game.AddToInventory("", 5000) is the baseID for eddies, and the 5000 will stuff 5 grand into your pocket.

Lists of Base IDs

You can usually find any BaseID on the fandom wiki. Search for a game item, then expand the section "technical details" in the box to the right.

A selection of lists for looking up item codes. Alternatively, you can browse through the game's files, or search the web.

Step by step

Step 1: Finding the right item

We're finding the item by name. If you don't even know that much, check the Equipment Databases and see if you can find the name from a picture.

  1. Head to the fandom wiki and search for your item. For this guide, we'll be using the Reinforced Puffer Vest.

  2. In the box on the left, find the Technical section. This will list your base ID:

You can use the base ID to spawn the item via Cyber Engine Tweaks:


The naming scheme

Usually, the base ID consists of two parts: the item name, and the item's appearance.

  • Vest_17 is the name of the item. You can use this to find its control files (see Step 2 below).

  • basic_01 is the variant name. This is used inside the control files to load a specific appearance.

Step 2: Finding the .app file

  1. Open WolvenKit and use the Asset Browser to search for the item's app file: vest_17 > .app

  1. You will find the item's .app file, where its appearances are defined. To learn more about this, check Appearance: .app files. This is not necessary for this guide.

    • If you have more than one file, hover over them to view their file paths, and pick the one that's inside a player folder.

    • If you can't find any files, check Alternative methods of finding an item below.

  2. Open the .app file (right-click, "Open without adding to project")

Step 3: Finding the mesh

  1. Inside the .app file, open the appearances array

  2. You will see something like this:

  1. Ignore camera mode and open the appearance that you want (basic_02_w)

  2. Open the components array and find the component that has mesh in its name:

  1. You want mesh file's DepotPath. This is where Wolvenkit stores the 3d object, which contains the materials.

You found the item, what now?

Now that you've found your mesh, you can edit it.

Alternative methods of finding an item

Some items don't obey The naming scheme, for example Q005_Johnny_Pants. So how can you find these kinds of items?

The Tweak Browser

  1. Search for your item, e.g. Q005_Johnny_Pants

  2. Select one of the entries from the list on the left

  3. In the detail panel with the item's properties, find the appearanceName.

    • If you don't have a detail panel, make the Tweak Browser window wider

  1. The appearance name will be something like l1_pants_16_q005_johnny_. Does this look familiar?

  2. Time to proceed with Step 2: Finding the .app file

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