vehicle taillight

How to set the vehicle taillight

There are four types of taillights

Position light

The position light is always on with the light on

Brake light

It's basically the same as position light

but It gets brighter when the user presses the brake

Reverse light

This is a light that brightens up when the vehicle is reversing It's off by default

Turn signal light

I don't think it's working

so I'm using it where the light should be off

How to set it up


Select the object to be set in the blender and change it to vertex paint mode


Select a color

In hex, enter the code

Position light: 7C0101

Brake light: E70100

Reverse light: CB0101

Turn signal light: A90101


Draw a color on the vertex where want it to be


in the .app Adjust the position of the "vehicle light component" to match the position of each light

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