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Weapon, armour, consumable, hair, cyberware..

Welcome to the equipment section. Here, you can find guides on how to edit equipment and wepaons in Cyberpunk. The section is split into the following subsections:

Adding new itemsEditing existing itemsRecolours and RefitsInfluencing other items

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This section contains hands-on guide for editing equipment.

If you want specific information (where is...), check here:

References, lists and overviews contains overviews, such as

We also have a section on 3d Modelling, where you can find specific knowledge on how to edit objects. For a detailed step-by-step guide, see R&R: Refitting (step by step).

For help about editing textures, see the Textures, LUTs and Materials section.

For general troubleshooting and help with Wolvenkit's interface, see

Textures: Importing, editing, exporting

Archived: Exporting and importing meshes

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