A new head for V

How to change V's head


Created by @manavortex Published September 30 2023

This guide is a rough draft. Unlike my other guides, it has not been excessively tested, so you might run into issues. In this case, feel free to hit up #mod-dev-chat on the redmodding Discord server, or sign up and improve it!

If you want to edit other files for V, you may be able to find their paths in Cheat Sheet: Body or one of the surrounding pages.

Step 0: Prerequisites

Step 1: Preparing the files

We will do the same thing here as in the guideNPV: Preparing the head in Blender, just that our files will be in a different path. This section will tell you which files to add and where to put the .blend file; for detailed instructions, see the other guide.

  1. Look up on Cheat Sheet: Head-> Head file paths where to find the files you need.

  2. Add all the files with the corresponding extension to your Wolvenkit project.

  3. Export them all via Wolvenkit Export Tool (see Step 2: Exporting head)

  4. In the NPV example files that you downloaded, find the following file:

  1. Copy it to h0_000_pwa_c__basehead in your Wolvenkit project's raw folder

These steps will become obsolete after the 2.0 update of the NPV example files, but aren't obsolete yet.

  1. Open the .blend file in Blender. You should now see the script 00_import_files.py

You're good to go and can proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Getting the head shape right

If you don't want to apply any shapekeys, you can set their values to 1

  1. Follow the NPV guide until the shapekeys are applied.

  2. Apply custom edits if you want - see here or here for tips

  3. Go back to the NPV guide and follow the steps until you have run the export script - this will write the .mesh files

You now need to export the morphtargets as well. Problem is that the script changed the headshape by removing the shapekeys - and we need these, or Wolvenkit won't let us import (luckily).

To put them back, you need to re-import everything (run the first script again), then do the following steps for each armature in the list:

  1. Find the original, un-changed armature, select the meshes inside

  2. Switch to Edit Mode (Hotkey: Tab)

  3. Select all vertices (Hotkey: A) and delete them (Hotkey: X)

  4. Switch back to Object Mode (Hotkey: Tab)

  5. Select the empty mesh, then (Ctrl+click) the corresponding mesh without shapekeys

  6. Join into the empty mesh (Hotkey: Ctrl+J). You now have a re-shaped mesh with shapekeys.

  7. Repeat this for each of your meshes.

If you want more information, you can check the Morphtargets page, but you shouldn't have to

You can now export the morphtargets.

  1. For each armature, select all submeshes inside

  2. Use the Wolvenkit Blender IO Suite's default settings and overwrite the corresponding .morphtarget.glb

  3. Import the files back into Wolvenkit (see the NPV guide and the morphtargets page as for how)

Step 3: Testing

If everything has worked, you should now have a broken character creator and a not-broken head. Otherwise, the right place to ask for help is #mod-dev-chat on the redmodding Discord server.

Happy modding!

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