Asset Browser
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What is the Asset Browser?

The Asset Browser is used to navigate, search and filter Cyberpunk 2077 game files so you can transfer these to the Project Explorer. The Asset Browser virtually eliminates the need for uncooking the entire game directory, as individual files can be pulled directly from archive files in the game installation.
Files added to the Project Explorer with the Asset Browser will not have buffer files. The buffers are stored inside the main file instead of externally.

Using the Asset Browser

    Find a file through the navigation tree or the search function
    Double-click the file The file will be added to the Project Explorer
    To select multiple files hold shift and then left click two separate files. These two files and all files between them will be selected. Right-click any of the highlighted files to open the context menu. Then choose Add selected items to project.

Search & Navigation

The Asset Browser is multifunctional in terms of its navigation. It also offers Searching and Filtering on multiple columns.

Search and Filter

The asset browser offers Searching and Filtering on multiple columns.
You can search by using both search bars as shown below
search showcase
You can filter columns as seen in the picture below.
You can navigate trough the folders by using the left hand side of the Assetbrowser.

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