What is the Properties viewer?

The Properties Viewer is used to provide extra information about selected files from within the Asset Browser or the Project Explorer. The Properties Viewer can also generate instant previews for REDengine texture and mesh files.

Using the Properties viewer

Ensure Show File Preview is enabled to preview various assets by clicking them inside the Project Explorer or Asset Browser.
The Properties viewer will show the File Properties by default. If you want to see an image preview when selecting XBM files, click on the Image Preview tab as shown below.

Mesh Preview

Control + drag to move the mesh Scroll to zoom Shift + drag to zoom Ctrl + shift to lock position while keys are held down
Options for mesh preview.

Audio Preview

Play = Play Pause = Pause Stop = Stop and reset position

Image Preview

You can crop, flip, and markup images from the Image Preview. While the markups will not get saved to original file, they can be exported by using the save button.

Video Preview

Double click BK2 files in the Project Explorer or right-click them in the Asset Browser
Space to play / pause Esc = End video Use the bottom bar to scrub through the video.
Video Preview showcase
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