Video and audio files (CLI)

Extracting and playing from archives

This page is about the command line interface. For the Wolvenkit GUI, check Video and Audio


Required files are contained within these archives

  • audio_1_general.archive

  • audio_2_soundbanks.archive

  • basegame_5_video.archive

  • lang_en_voice.archive

Video files

Using the tool, decompress basegame_5_video.archive located at: <gamedir>\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\content.

WolvenKit.Cli.exe unbundle -p "<gamedir>\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\content\<nameofarchive>" -o "<outputfolder>"

Once extracted, they can be viewed via RADTools as Bink Videos and converted to other formats.

Audio files

ww2ogg can be used to convert decompressed archive audio to .ogg through command line, as well as Revorb (both of these tools have Linux versions that can be found here) to get smaller and cleaner files that can be played via other media players such as VLC. ffmpeg can be used for more convenient playback.

To execute conversion: .\ww2ogg.exe "<!AudioFilePath!>.wem" --pcb packed_codebooks_aoTuV_603.bin

Make sure to include the --pcb argument – you will only get gibberish if you don't.

The files are optimized for people with audio dampener. If you don't pack any, turn down your volume. You have been warned!

A combination of these tools can be found at the Wwise Audio Tools repository which has a command line tool that can be downloaded from the repository or installed through the AUR. It has Linux and Windows support and converts WEM files to OGG without the hassle of the external PCB file or having to run through multiple programs for a clean output.

./wwtools converts all WEMs in the current directory to OGG files ./wwtools wem [input.wem] (--info) will convert the specified WEM to OGG and if the optional info flag is used it will print the information about the file and exit.

Playback through ffmpeg: ffplay.exe <!AudioFilePath!>.ogg Foobar2000 can also be used along with its vgmstream plugin.

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