WolvenKit is made possible by the community

All aspects of WolvenKit are created by incredible community members. Many members of the RED Modding community donate their time and effort to engineer tools, applications, and support for modding for REDengine. We want to acknowledge the hard work and generosity of our contributors that make WolvenKit what it is today.

Core Developers

These individuals turn our dreams into reality

Traderain is the founding member of the WolvenKit project and co-leader of WolvenKit development in the REDengine 4 era.
rfuzzo is pillar within the RED Modding community and co-leader of WolvenKit development in the REDengine 4 era.
HitmanHimself reverse engineered countless file formats and designed solutions to export, modify, and rebuild Cyberpunk assets.

Outstanding contributions

Community members who've logged countless hours bringing WolvenKit to the next level

PNDR - Art & Graphic Design

  • Created dozens upon dozens of vector-based icons for WolvenKit's Asset Browser and Project Explorer

HOMESICK - Art & Graphic Design

  • Created WolvenKit brand images, including the Sammy avatar

All code contributors

Check out the 50+ contributors to the WolvenKit source code

Other extraordinary help

Community members or organizations that empower REDengine modding with WolvenKit

AB4D - 3D Graphics for .Net


WolvenKit's real-time mesh preview system was powered by AB4D. (Deprecated in v8.6)



Neurolinked created MLSB (mlsetup-builder), a software for working with and creating complex multilayered Cyberpunk assets.



The basis for converting Cyberpunk multilayered materials into Python script for Blender was Turk's incredible Blender add-on for shader automation. Their research and development helped make the Cyberpunk Blender add-on possible.

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