It's cozy!

What's a Home good for?


When WolvenKit is launched the Home functions as bulletin board to help you pick up where you left off. Recent mod projects are displayed as a scrolling list of cards which can be directly clicked to get started. Other crucial functions for creating or opening projects are displayed in the right-hand column.
The WolvenKit icon can also be used to swap between Home and the Editor!

Mod Manager

Manage REDmod installations and deployment


Download and update various plugins and extensions for Cyberpunk 2077 modding


Settings can be accessed from the Home sidebar. Learn more about WolvenKit Settings here.

Web Content

WolvenKit is capable of displaying web-based content natively. The Home page features several built-in web pages!


This Wiki can be viewed from within WolvenKit. Hi WolvenKit users!


GitHub can be used to directly track progress with WolvenKit development


Take a peek at our very own website, RED Modding!