8.7 (Latest Stable)

Are we official now?

Published October 22 2022

WolvenKit 8.7 is a major step forward. New features include support for building REDmods, sound modding, and animation modding. The UI has been fully transitioned to a title menu and toolbar setup. Texture I/O is significantly more powerful and robust. Numerous fixes for bugs, issues, and pain-points have been implemented. Check out the full release notes below.

WolvenKit 8.7 has breaking changes! If you have mod projects created with previous versions of WolvenKit, we strongly recommend reading the full release notes below.

New Features

  • Support for Cyberpunk 2077 game version 1.6 Upgrading to WolvenKit 8.7 is mandatory for game version 1.6 and beyond. WolvenKit should handle new game releases more gracefully in the future.

  • Support for REDmod

    • Added options for Building and Deploying REDmods

    • Added Mod Manager for REDmods

  • Animation I/O Added support for importing .re format animation files created with the REDmod Blender animation add-on. Learn more

  • Sound Modding Tool Added support for importing .wav format audio files within WolvenKit's new Sound Modding tool. Learn more

  • Launch Profiles Added support for creating custom launch profiles when building mods. Launch profiles can be added, removed, or modified from the Build menu or the Launch Profiles button in the Toolbar. Modify or create new launch profiles such as automatically starting Cyberpunk 2077 when building mods.

  • Support for hot archive installation with Red Hot Tools by @psiberx WolvenKit features a new Hot Reload button which directly installs archives to the archive/pc/hot directory. This allows users to quickly install archive files while Cyberpunk 2077 is running, cutting iteration-time down to seconds. Learn more

  • Depot Generator Tool Added Depot Generator tool to consolidate game-dump operations into a single tool. The Depot Generator is able to generate material files with the users preferred image extension. Additionally the Depot Generator can fully unbundle all archives in one click.

Changes & Improvements

  • All XBM textures will be vertically inverted by default during the Import and Export process

  • Mesh UV channel 0 will be vertically inverted during the Import and Export process

  • Texture I/O has been completely refactored Expect improved performance and versatility for users

  • Import/Export arguments are now saved When adjusting advanced import options adjustments are saved per-file. For example if the XBM export format for a specific texture is changed from PNG to TGA, the specific XBM will default to TGA for subsequent exports. This behavior is persistent between WolvenKit sessions.

  • XBM import arguments are now exposed When importing XBM files, texture setup parameters are now exposed making the texture pipeline much more powerful.

  • 16bit color channel textures are now supported WolvenKit is now capable of working with higher bit-depth images due to newly exposed parameters.

  • MLMASK I/O improvements MLMASK I/O now supports the same image formats as XBM during export and import. Additionally WolvenKit will now accept masklist files which include a 0 layer.

  • Added Title Menu WolvenKit now has a traditional categorized menu within the titlebar itself, hooray!

  • Mod Manager and Plugins added to Home

    • The new REDmod Mod Manager has been added as a tab within the Home page.

    • Plugins have been moved from the Menu Bar to a new tab within the Home page.

  • Simplified Toolbar Drop-down elements have been moved from the Toolbar to the Menu.

  • Added Launch Profiles button to Toolbar A new configurable Launch Profiles button has been added to the Toolbar.

  • Added Open Game Folder button Navigate to Menu > Game > Open Game Folder to find the Cyberpunk 2077 directory with the System File Explorer.

  • The Ribbon has now been fully deprecated The Ribbon was off by default in version 8.6, but has now been completely removed.

  • Help and Feedback dialogues have been removed We saw virtually zero usage of these features, so they have been removed.

  • Improved some log errors messages Some log error messages have been improved to help users diagnose issues.

  • File Preview is turned on by default On first launch File Preview is turned on by default aiming to improve feature discoverability.

  • The Mod Browser button is now a switch Changed the Mod Browser located inside the Asset Browser from a button to a switch aiming to improve feature discoverability.


  • Fixed crash due to game version 1.6

  • Fixed absurd UI layout on first launch by including a default layout

  • Fixed raw textures not displaying or showing incorrectly within Preview window

  • Fixed exception when generating materials to Depot

  • Fixed numerous issues when exporting meshes with materials

  • Fixed mesh to json serialization exception

  • Fixed freeze with Asset Browser when search bar is empty

  • Fixed crash with Asset Browser when game path is not set

  • Fixed memory leak issue with certain animated UI elements

  • Fixed an issue where the Cyberpunk2077.exe lookup did not work on first run

  • Fixed an exception with long file paths during Import/Export operations

  • Fixed an issue with Project Explorer losing files that are modified externally

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