Please help

Interested in contributing code?

Please do! Fork the project and please commit your changes in small incremental steps with descriptive messages. Code quality is not the biggest concern but refrain from simple mistakes. It's a good idea to create an issue when implementing a feature so people don't work on the same feature/issue in an asynchronous manner.

I'm not a programmer, how can I help?

The best way to contribute to WolvenKit directly without submitting code is by writing documentation or guides. We are always in need of help documenting WolvenKit within this wiki. You can submit changes by creating a GitBook account and using this invitation to our Organization: If you have any questions or want to chat with developers, please reach out on our Discord!

Building WolvenKit with Visual Studio

Install .NET 8

Install the latest Visual Studio release

Check out the source code with Git

Build and Run

  1. Open All.sln

  2. Build WolvenKit on Debug

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