WolvenKit Console

The command-line modding tool

What is the WolvenKit Console?

WolvenKit Console is the core "Modkit" that drives the WolvenKit application. The Console supersedes the original CP77 Tools application created by rfuzzo. The same core functionalities of WolvenKit are available from command line for simplicity and extendibility for power users.

As of January 2024, Wolvenkit.CLI does not work under Linux. You can run it though qemu and virtofs.

Installing Wolvenkit Console

As a dotnet tool

For a global install, you can install it as a dotnet tool. Open up the windows command line (Windows+R, type cmd, hit return) or Powershell, then enter the following:

dotnet tool install -g wolvenkit.cli 

Verify if the installation was successful:

wolvenkit.cli -help

By downloading it from the repository

You can download Wolvenkit Console from the Releases page on the github repository (Release | Nightly). Select the download starting with Wolvenkit.Console.

Extract it to a directory of your choice (for example C:\Cyberpunk_Modding\Wolvenkit.Console).

You can run Wolvenkit console from that directory, for example:

C:\Cyberpunk_Modding\Wolvenkit.Console\Wolvenkit.CLI.exe -help

To make the command globally available, add the directory to your Windows Path.

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