LocKey Browser

What is the LocKey Browser?

Based on Wkit v. 8.11.0

LocKey is a localization key designed to identify localized text strings. These keys, such as 'vehicle_enter' (which is not only user-friendly but also has a unique ID used typically), are employed throughout the game. Prior to display, these keys undergo localization to match the language setting of your game.

The LocKey browser allows to search for a specific localized text and reveals the corresponding LocKey (numbers) that, when localized, contains the desired text (string).

The location of the browser in Wolvenkit depends on your design view. In most cases, you can find it within the right-side navigation. However, if you're unable to locate it, you can easily enable it by navigating to 'View' and selecting 'LocKey Browser'

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