ELI5: Configure modding tools

Set relative locations of modding tools inside the applications

Section Brief

Configure the WolvenKit (wkit) application and MlSetupBuilder (mlsb), and make sure the Asset Browser loads the game's assets.

If you do not use the folder structure I recommended in Prep your computer, then use whatever path WolvenKit automatically fills in for you. Also be aware that your experience will not match my screenshots.

Configuring Wolvenkit

If your Wolvenkit is already configured (because you have followed the installation guide), then you don't need to do anything here.

Otherwise, please do that now or use the settings page to configure Game Executable Path and (optionally) Depot Path.

Installing Plugins

  1. In Wolvenkit, click on HOME

  2. Click on Plugins

  3. For every other plugin, click Install or Update.

If you have been following the setup instructions exactly, then the paths you need to enter here are:

  • uncook folder: C:\Cyberpunk2077Mod\Depot

  • WolvenKit-CLI executable: C:\Cyberpunk2077Mod\WolvenKit.CLI\WolvenKit.CLI.exe

If you have not, then your paths will be different and you need to adjust them accordingly.


Let's make sure that your game path is configured correctly and that Wolvenkit can access the files:

  1. Click on Continue to Editor

  2. Open the Asset Browser

  1. After several seconds, a success notification will appear and the asset folder structure will appear on the left. This means WolvenKit was able to access the Cyberpunk archive and extract the game assets.

Congratulations - everything is working! If you haven't done this during the full prep, now is a good time to create a depot. Otherwise, you can move on to ELI5: Validate Functionality!

Please note that before you can do anything with files, you need to create a Wolvenkit project.

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