Cyberpunk Shaders in Blender


Published: Jan 20 2024 by manavortex Last documented update: Mar 26 2024 by manavortex

This page will teach you how to get Cyberpunk materials into Blender (and how to bake them into textures).

Wait, this is not what I want!

How to get Cyberpunk Shaders into Blender?

Most Cyberpunk shaders are procedurally generated from mlsetups and mlmasks. As such, there aren't any textures that you can import.

So how is everyone doing it?

This is where the Wolvenkit Blender IO Suite comes in:

  • On export, Wolvenkit creates a .material.json file containing the .mesh file's material setup in a machine-readable form.

  • When importing a .glb into Blender, the plugin reads this file and automatically generates a list of materials. After selecting a mesh, you can see all available options in the Materials tab:

Blender: Changing the appearance

To change the assigned material, complete the following steps:

  1. Select a mesh in Object mode

  2. Switch to Edit Mode (hotkey: Tab)

  3. Select all vertices (hotkey: A)

  4. In the list on the material tab, select the appearance that you want to display

  5. Under the list, click "Apply"

  6. Be sure to select "Material Preview" as the Viewport Shading Method (see the screenshot below)

Blender: Baking Cyberpunk Shaders

Video guide

by Simarilius, thank you <3

Troubleshooting: I can't import my materials!

Please see the WKit Blender Plugin: Troubleshooting page.

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