deploy - Deploys mods to the game by compiling them together


  redmod deploy -root=<path> [options]


  -h, --help 


The deploy command stages installed mods to work when the game starts with the modded flag.

  • archives from <Cyberpunk 2077>/mods/<name> are staged to load

  • scripts in <Cyberpunk 2077>/mods/<name>/scripts are compiled into a modded script blob

  • tweak files in <Cyberpunk 2077>/mods/<name>/tweaks are compiled into a modded tweakDB blob

  • sound files in <Cyberpunk 2077>/mods/<name>/customSounds are staged to load

You can specify a specific load order with the -mod parameter


  • -root=<path>

    the game root folder for which the deploy command is run.

INFO - this needs to be <Cyberpunk 2077>


  • -mod=<modA dirname> [<modB dirname> ...]

    stage only the mods in the given directory names (without the leading mods\), in left to right load order precedence. You must escape any spaces by enclosing the argument in double quotes (for example Mod With Space should be given as -mod="Mod With Space".)

  • -?|-h|--help

    Prints out a description of how to use the command.


  • redmod deploy -root="C:\Gog\Cyberpunk 2077"

    Stages all installed mods under C:\Gog\Cyberpunk 2077\mods for loading

  • redmod deploy -root="C:\Gog\Cyberpunk 2077" -mod=modB modA modC

    Stages only the three mods C:\Gog\Cyberpunk 2077\mods\modA\, C:\Gog\Cyberpunk 2077\mods\modB\ and C:\Gog\Cyberpunk 2077\mods\modC\ for loading. In this case, modB will override both modA and modC, and modA will override modC (in case any of them modify the same asset paths.)

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