How to Remove an Animation (and Potentially Replace It)

Guide made by Forsentio - Quest Team member working on WolvenKit at RED Modding Tools.


We will demonstrate the step-by-step process which allows you to remove (and potentially change or replace) an animation in game.


  • CP77Tools (thanks for rfuzzo).

  • (thanks to alphaZomega).

  • Notepad (Recommanded since you need to copy some info)

  • A basic understanding of Cyberpunk 2077 modding.

The Steps:

1. Unbundle and uncook basegame_3_nightcity.archive, basegame_4_gamedata.archive using CP77Tools 2. Find the animation you want to remove (in our case we want to remove the idle animation that plays when the player is standing in front of a mirror)

The game works by using .scene files for certain interaction; you should take a look into those and search for the sectionNode that plays the animation you want to remove after you opened it in the 010 Editor, by using alphaZomega's template. The scene file we are using is located in "base\quest\minor_quests\mq000\scenes\mq000_01_apartment.scene"

3. Once the sectionNode is found, open Struct Data, then scnSceneResource, then scnSceneEvent array, then scnPlaySkAnimEvent, then scnEventBlendWorkspotSetup; inside of it you will find a workspotId, which you must take note of.

SIDE NOTE: Most of the game relies on Workspots used as interactable points both by the AI and the Player. In this case, the Workspot we are changing is used for the various interactions in V's appartment. The Workspot's location is "base\worksposts\quest\main_quests\prologue\q001\q001_01_wakeup\q001_01_wakeup__look_mirror.workspot"

4. Return to scnSceneResource and open scnWorkspotInstance. Search for the one that has the same number right next to workspotInstanceId; open it and take note of the dataId 5. Return to scnSceneResource and then open the scnWorkspotData and open each of theme until you find the one that has the same dataId. Open it and take note of the path right after the workspotResource 7. Open the .workspot file and then go to Struct Data, then workWorkspotResource, then workWorkspotTree, then handle:worldEntry, then workSequence, then worklEntry: there you will find a different named work[...]Anim; search for the one that has the same name as the animation you want to remove and take note of the number right before the name 8. Go into the CNAME array and zero out the name 9. Save, pack and place in the Mod folder

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