How to create modded body scars

This guide will teach you how to create scars on modded body KS_UV and VTK


Published: Feb 29 2024 by Yggnire, initial guide by Yggnire Last documented edit: June 15 2024 by LadyLea

Level of difficulty

The ability to read: mandatory, because I'm not gonna lie โ€” this is gonna be difficult otherwise. Knowing how to use a drawing software : recommended, because this guide will not cover it.

Expected time to complete

<5 minutes to set up everything 5 minutes - s long as it takes you to create a scar that you like <5 minutes for the import/install

If you want to know how to make scars, I advise you to take a look at the tutorial "How to make a scar (tips for drawing)


Step 1: Settings up

For the Body :

For both Framework, the name should be something like that : 000_modname

For the Head :

KS_UV project name should be 005_modname

VTK project name should be #00_modname The # is really important

  1. To create modded body scars , you need the following files

FrameworkFiles namegender/body part



female body, arms and legs


female body, arms and legs


male body, arms and legs


male body, arms and legs



female body and legs


female body and legs


female left arm


female left arm


female right arm


female right arm





female head


female head


male head


male head

KS_UV Body Path :

base\4k\common\body\wa\textures (female)

base\4k\common\body\ma\textures (male)

VTK Body Path :

base\v_textures\body (female & male)

VTK Arms Path :

base\characters\player\femme\body\arms\textures (female)

base\characters\player\masculine\body\arms\textures (male)

VANILLA (for KS_UV) Head Path :

base\characters\head\player_base_heads\player_female_average\h0_000_pwa_c__basehead\textures (female)

base\characters\head\player_base_heads\player_man_average\h0_000_pma_c__basehead\textures (male)

VTK Head Path :


  1. Add the files to your project by double-clicking

  2. Save the files in a new folder.

  3. Open all of them on a drawing software like photoshop, clip studio paint or

Step 2: Scar creation :

Let's start by creating the scar's bumpmap (the yellow-greenish one).

  1. Add a new layer and paint your scar (if you want to know how to create a scar from scratch , you can go to this tuto )

  2. Start to draw your scar, I recommend you to use a brush similar to wet watercolor to create ยซ natural scars ยป if you want to create cyberware scar, use a more consistent brush .

  3. To create your scar, take a basic red color, and draw your scar on the new layer you created in Step 2.

  4. In the Layers Palette, select all three channels (or RGB) to see colours again.

  5. Now you need to turn your image green. There are various ways to do that, for example Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation.

  6. Copy the green scar and paste it into the green channel.

  7. Use CTRL + T to select it and shifted the scar a few pixels to the right (you can use the arrow keys). It should now look like this:

Editing the diffuse (skin) map

  1. Now that you have a scar, open the diffuse map (skin).

  2. On the yellow image, switch to the red channel again and copy everything (Hotkey: Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C)

  3. Paste it into the skin image (Hotkey: Ctrl+V). It should now be on another layer. If not, undo the paste (Hotkey: Ctrl+Z), create a new layer in the layer palette, and paste it again.

  4. The pasted scar has to be the same color as your skin so plays around with the Tint/Hue CTRL+U

  5. Invert the image (Hotkey: Ctrl+I)

  6. Replace in your wolvenkit project all the png with the new one, ยซ Import ยป and then ยซ Install ยป and enjoy your new scar !

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