MO2 (Mod Organizer 2)

How to use MO2 - it's that simple

MO2 (Mod Organizer 2, Nexus | github)ย is a free mod manager widely used in modding Bethesda games like Skyrim or Fallout. It supports Cyberpunk and is easy to use.

Please ask on their Discord server if you need help with MO2 in general.

If you want to improve the guide, you are very welcome!

Installing mods

  • Install MO2

  • Install CET and Red4ext manually (or with rootbuilder). These mods are script extenders and must be in the root game folder.

  • Install the rest of the mods simply with the Nexus "install with manager" button

  • Always launch the game through MO2

That's all. Using MO2 leaves your base game directory untouched, and you can easily install and uninstall mods, update old mods or use profiles.

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