Throwing weapons: projectiles

How to make a custom projectiles for throwing weapons


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This page is a sub-page of Adding Weapons and tells you how to create a custom projectile for a throwing weapon.

To create a custom throwing weapon, check the parent guide and use knife as a base type.

Everything but the yaml works exactly like adding regular items (with a root or mesh entity, an .app file and your weapon's mesh). This example will use a root entity.

This process is about as finicky as the one for weapon additions. Make sure to test your changes after each step.

Step 0: the yaml

We now need to register our projectile. We already have a weapon, so let's define our projectile:

  $type: Attack_Projectile
  projectileTemplateName: my_new_weapon_projectile_name

Now, we need to tell our weapon about it. Add the following lines to its definition:

  # the rest of your weapon's definition
  projectileTemplateName: my_new_weapon_projectile_name
  useProjectileAppearance: true
    - !append KnifeAttacks.MyKnifeThrowAttackProjectile

If your weapon wasn't throwable before, it is now โ€” but the projectile is still invisible. Time to change that.

Step 1: the entity file

A projectile needs an .ent file as the factory's entry point, not an .app.

You can find all projectile entities in base\gameplay\projectiles.

Ignore anything that has default in its name.

There are two kinds of .ent files: the ones that support multiple appearances, and the ones that don't. You can tell them apart by opening them and checking the appearances array (the first entry in the list).

Pick the right kind of entity for your weapon:

Use e.g. this entity file if you want to use multiple appearances:


Use e.g. this entity file if a single appearance is enough for you:


Add the file to your project, then rename it and (if you have one) move it to your weapon's folder.

Step 2: The factory

Now it's time to connect everything by registering the projectileTemplateName from your .yaml file in your factory.csv. As a reminder, this is the line we're talking about:

  projectileTemplateName: my_new_weapon_projectile_name

Make sure that the corresponding entry points at your projectile's entity file from step 1.

Your factory should have two entries: one for the projectile, one for the weapon itself.

From now on, your projectile will no longer be invisible. If it is, try setting your factory path to one of the game's original projectile entities - debugging time.

Step 3: the .app

If you're using a mesh entity (with an empty appearances array), you can skip this step.

  1. Expand the appearances array

  2. Select any of the appearances

  3. Check the appearanceResource's depot path

  4. Add this file to your project

  5. Rename it and move it to your custom folder.

  6. Open your root entity. For all of the appearances, change the appearanceResource path to that of your .app.

Step 4: The right mesh

If you are using a mesh entity (without an .app file), that's where you will find the components. Skip step 1 on the list below.

  1. Open your .app file . For each of the appearances, do the following:

    1. Expand the components array

    2. For any components that have Mesh in their type name:

      1. Change the mesh depotPath to your weapon's custom mesh

      2. Change the meshAppearance to one of your weapon's appearances

    3. Open resolvedDependencies and replace the path to the original mesh with your own.

Step 5: Test

If you did everything correctly, you should now have a custom projectile for thrown weapons.


For troubleshooting steps, please see the ItemAdditions: Weapons page.

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