Change font & font size

A guide on how to change the font and font size for Cyber Engine Tweaks and mods based on Cyber Engine Tweaks. And how to display non-English characters.

Change font

Use a text editor to open the config file at <cyberpunk install path>/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/config.json
Locate this line:
"font_path": "",
Add the path of the font you want to change to between the double-quotes. For example, if you want to change the font to Comic Sans, just change this line into:
"font_path": "C:/Windows/Fonts/comic.ttf"
Note: You should use slash instead of backslash for the path.

Change font size

Locate this line:
"font_size": 13.0,
You can change the font size by changing the number. The default font size is 13.

How to display non-English characters

Some mods may have implemented multilingual support. But the non-English characters will display as a question mark "?". This is because the default font only contains ASCII printable characters.
To display a language that only uses ASCII characters (such as French, German), all you need to do is to change the font to one with a wider range (Literally any font).
To display a language that uses non-ASCII characters (such as Chinese, Russian), besides changing the font, you also need to change this line in the config file:
"font_glyph_ranges": "",
Here is a table of the "font_glyph_ranges" options and their descriptions.
Supports languages that use Cyrillic scripts (e.g. Russian, Bulgarian..)
Supports traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Japanese display
Only supports simplified Chinese display
Only supports Japanese display
For Korean
For Thai
For Vietnamese
For example, to display Chinese all you need to do is:
"font_glyph_ranges": "ChineseFull",
"font_path": "C:/Windows/Fonts/simhei.ttf",
The result: