First Use Setup

First Launch

When launching WolvenKit for the first time you will be greeted with a welcome form asking to set your preferences. We recommend setting the path to your game files immediately. If you should close this form, you can access the same settings from the main menu options sidebar at any time.

Sammy (the WolvenKit icon) can be used to switch between the Home Page and Editor views. Simply left-click on Sammy from the Home page or the Editor to switch back and forth!

Be sure to set paths to your game! Functionality is extremely diminished if WolvenKit cannot properly locate your game executable.

Using WolvenKit

Creating a new mod project is necessary to begin using WolvenKit features. Create a new project by using the Quick Access section of the Home view. Alternatively from within the editor, select the Menu tab to find the same project options. Read more about creating mod projects.

Potential Issues

Please take note of your WolvenKit build number in the lower-right corner. Check the Hotfixes section of the Release Notes for your version to see if your issue has already been fixed.


When launching 0.8.2 versions of WolvenKit, you may experienced a bugged layout on first launch. Press the Reset Layout button to resolve the issue permanently.

Asset Browser

If the Asset Browser fails to initialize on your first launches, it could be because the oodle.dll is not properly being copied to your WolvenKit installation. You can try manually copy/pasting oo2ext_7_win64.dll from your Cyberpunk Installation bin directory into the WolvenKit installation folder.