WolvenKit is designed to accelerate modding workflows with a complete content pipeline


Mod Projects are the core of WolvenKit functionality. Projects are primarily used to separate and organize source and game files into distinct directories. Each project can be thought of as the source code for any given mod. The Project Explorer is the central component for each mod project. Project files are separated into two main system directories: The Mod directory is for CR2W files. The Raw directory is for Raw source files. These are core directories for WolvenKit's file operations. These folders are never exposed to the game inside the packed mod.

Asset Browser

Game files added from the Asset Browser will be added to the Mod directory with their folder structure intact. This enables any file added from the Asset Browser can be immediately packed as a mod.


When exporting assets files will be placed in the Raw directory with mirrored structure from the Asset Browser or Project Explorer Mod directory.

Source files for assets can also be hosted inside the Raw directory for quality of life improvements. Files such as blend, psd, xcf, etc. can be launched externally by double-clicking them from the Project Explorer. The Project Explorer also supports basic file operations such as copy, paste, delete, and rename.

File I/O

File I/O is at the heart of nearly every mod project. WolvenKit features a bespoke tool for conversions between CR2W and Raw formats, creatively named the Import/Export tool. The tool can be accessed through the editor Ribbon from the Utilities tab. The Import/Export tool is extremely robust, featuring advanced options and batch tools. The mirror-like nature of the Mod/Raw directories enables ultra-fast file I/O. During the import/export cycle it's not necessary to specify in/out paths. Thus WolvenKit features one-click import and export for one file or one hundred.


<editing CR2W files>


The build process currently packs any CR2W files with compressed internal buffers into archive format and installs to the game directory with a single click of the pack button.