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What is WolvenKit?

WolvenKit is an open-source modding tool for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077. Our vision is to develop a standalone software which is capable of reading and writing all REDengine file formats. Additionally the WolvenKit application is designed to simplify and accelerate modding workflows. Our current development focus is REDengine 4 with Cyberpunk 2077. Read more about WolvenKit's features on the Overview page, or check out what's new in our Release Notes. To learn more about support for The Witcher 3 please visit the REDengine 3 or Legacy WolvenKit wiki's.

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Websites & Community

GitHub - WolvenKit/WolvenKit: Mod editor/creator for RED Engine games. The point is to have an all in one tool for creating mods for the games made with the engine.
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Red Modding
Red Modding
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