Configuring WolvenKit for modding

First Launch

When launching WolvenKit for the first time you will be greeted with a welcome form asking to set your preferences. We recommend setting the path to your game files immediately. If you should close this form, you can access the same settings from the main menu options sidebar at any time.
The Game Executable (.exe) Location can be set by manually entering a file path, or using the folder icon to browse system files for the preferred Cyberpunk installation. As a reminder, if Cyberpunk is installed within Program Files we recommend running WolvenKit as administrator.
The Material Repository is a WolvenKit system folder for creating a cache of textures and other Cyberpunk assets. The Material Repository destination is set by default to .../AppData/Roaming/REDModding/WolvenKit/MaterialDepot, however any custom folder can be substituted. A full repository can be in excess of 30 gigabytes, so we recommend a destination with ample free disk space. Learn more about the Material Repository here.
Be sure to set the Game Executable Location! Functionality is extremely diminished if WolvenKit cannot properly locate your game installation.

Using WolvenKit

Creating a new mod project is necessary to begin using most WolvenKit features. A new project can be created from the Welcome page or the Editor Ribbon. If you're new to WolvenKit, we strongly recommend reading the next wiki section, Creating a Mod.
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