AMM: Light Components

How to add light components with AMM


Published: Feb 09 2024 by manavortex Last documented edit: Feb 11 2024 by manavortex

This page will show you how to add a light component to AMM props.

Wait, this is not what I want!

For a quick overview on lights and their properties, check Cheat Sheet: Lights (currently WIP)

For an explanation about light, check Lights explained (currently WIP)

Adding lights to AMM props

You can learn more about effect components (e.g. how to remove or create effect spawns) on the Effect components page.

This is as easy as finding the right component, adding it to your prop (either in the root entity or in each appearance in the .app file) and naming it Light:

This enables the AMM light panel in the target tools.

Not all light components actually support colour and intensity changes. Candlelight, for example, does not.

Placing your light components

Your lights will be anywhere relative to your prop. How can you position them relative to the actual object?

  1. Add an Empty in Blender (Viewport, Hotkey: Shift+A -> Empty -> Plain Axes)

  2. Move the empty to the position where you want your light to be

  3. Switch to the Object tab and see its location transform:

Now that you have the relative position, switch back to Wolvenkit: we need to add it to our entSlotComponent.

  1. Open the slots array and select your first entSlot

  2. Find the relativePosition property in the box on the right

  3. Copy the values from the "Transform" field in Blender (Screenshot above) to the corresponding fields under relativePosition (screenshot below)

  1. Save and see your effect changing positions!

If your light doesn't seem to be in the right spot, try multiplying the value for z with -1

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