๐ŸชŸWindows & Doors opening + MountedWeapons clue

Choosing the right way to shoot while driving a vehicle.

Most of the vehicles have the windows going down when you get your gun, allowing you to shoot without breaking it. Others have the door opening because the window can't retract itself, or because the glass is replaced by opaque screens. And special ones have mounted weapons, so no windows or doors, but big guns and missiles.

If you want to choose a specific opening for your custom vehicle, or just modifying existing ones, you can do it with couple of lines in a .yaml file.

The string you need to change looks like this : DriverCombatTypes.Standard

There's 5 variations of it:

  • DriverCombatTypes.Standard ("Roll down driver and passenger windows for driver combat.")

  • DriverCombatTypes.Doors ("Open driver and passenger doors for driver combat.")

  • DriverCombatTypes.MountedWeapons ("Doors and windows do not open, player controls mounted weapon(s) on the vehicle.") PS: You need to add all needed weapons components to your vehicle to make it work, in .app, .ent and .mesh. I still need to explore this part)

  • DriverCombatTypes.Disabled ("Driver combat disabled.")

  • DriverCombatTypes.CrystalDome ("Unsupported for now")

Note : the MountedWeapons mode can only work if the vehicle has all the weapons and components equiped. If you try with no weapons, you will just have the visor.

(I will probably try to add more info about weapons if I have time to explore this)

Finding the string

You can search for it using Tweak Browser inside WolvenKit.

Choose the vehicle name you want to find and look for this structure:

  • Vehicle.v_type_yourvehicle

Once you are inside, follow the path and unwrap the sub-categories. Here's an example with the Shion car.

The path looks like this :

โ–ผ Vehicle.v_sport2_mizutani_shion_player โˆŸ โ–ผ vehDataPackage ยญโˆŸ โ–ผ driverCombat โˆŸ enumeName : Standard

Two examples in Wolvenkit:

You can see that vehDataPackage is also refered to Vehicle.v_type_yourvehicle_inlineX ( X = the line number inside the main file)

Result of the 2 previous example:

  • Vehicle.v_sport2_mizutani_shion_inline1

  • Vehicle.v_standard2_makigai_maimai_inline0

Modify the value in game using CyberEngineTweaks

If you want to do some tests with various vehicles and see if it's working, you can do it using CET. In the TweakDB Editor, search for your current vehicle and look for gamedataVehicleDataPackage_Record.

You will have the content of the vehDataPackage with the corresponding inline number.

Look in the right column for the value of driverCombat. Expand the tab and write DriverCombatTypes to see all the variations.

Now let's try to change the Porsche from Standard (windows) to Doors.

The door and the window will open at the same time if both have animations. (they probably use the same trigger)

You can now drive with the doors open, but without collisions on it.

Add the changes in your mod

If you want to add this setting on an existing car or inside your new custom vehicle, you can add some lines in your .yaml file like this :

  $base: Vehicle.v_sport2_mizutani_shion
    $base: Vehicle.v_sport2_mizutani_shion_inline1
    driverCombat: DriverCombatTypes.Doors

There's multiple ways to write the inlines records, as mentionned on the TweakXL github by psiberx.

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