Videos: .bk2

Details about the game's video format

This wiki page is about the .bk2 file format used in the game.


The .bk2 file format is used in many games including Cyberpunk 2077. It stands for Bink 2 and can be played and/or converted to regular video format or single frames using RAD Video Tools.

How did I get there ?

I wanted some screenshot of a Cyberpunk ad to print as a poster for a friend. That's how I ended up on this journey to find how to get a readable video from the game files.


  • WolvenKit (obviously)

  • RAD Video Tools (available here, 2mo)

Getting the video files

For example in this wiki page, I'll use the NiCola ad as an example. You will want to have a WolvenKit project created for easy access to the video file.

In Cyberpunk, all the video files have the .bk2 extension. Thus, you can just search .bk2 in the search bar of the asset browser. Since I want the NiCola ad, I'll here search for nicola > .bk2 (See this wiki page for more about searching files).

Then add the file to your project for easy access

Playing the video

Assuming you have installed RAD video tools correctly (see Prerequisites), you should be able to open the file and it will play

Converting to a common file format

For this, you will have to open RAD video tools from the search bar/start menu/whatever if you don't use Windows.

Then, navigate to the .bk2 file and press on Convert a file (see screenshot)

Then, in the opened window, you can configure the output, file format and location. You can then press convert on the right side of the screen.

And now you have the video you want in the format you desire. You can also export individual frames if you want to!

Closing words

Now you have everything, if you want to know more about the Bink Converter you can watch this video. Everything here have been found in the Discord community after a quick search in there.

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