Textures: .xbm files

Details about in-game textures


Last documented update: Apr 06 2024 by manavortex

This wiki page contains documentation about xbm files and their properties.

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Texture files

As of 2024, the toolchain assumes.png as your default format. You can

This means that all features of the DDS format are included, and they are nearly completely compatible out-of-the-box.

Any CR2W file includes a section telling the engine how to read it, the header. Most of the file encodes texture data, but the header for textures includes:

  • size

  • mipmapping (lower-resolution versions of the same texture for LOD and streaming)

  • texture format

  • dimensions (e.g. if your texture data is 1024x1024, but the header says it's 512x512, then the engine will resize it)


The setup section of the XBM file is in essence an extension of the header.

It contains settings that, more than just describing basic information about the texture, such as:

  • bit depth

  • texture type

  • format

  • gamma correction

  • streamability

  • mip chains

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