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How to make your own custom ads


Published: February 04 by manavortex Last documented edit: February 04 by manavortex

You can also check out xlipstream's guide on Nexus.

Step 0: Create a Wolvenkit project

  1. Download the Wolvenkit template project from github. Download the zip file to your computer:

  1. The zip file you downloaded contains a folder named source. Extract it into the root directopry of your Wolvenkit project from step 1 so that it merges with the existing folder.

Step 1: Edit the .png files

That's probably a lot more files than you wanted, but the first version of this guide only has the all-in-one package. Maybe we'll split off additional templates later. For now, leave everything as it is because we'll delete the non-modified files in step 2.

Use your image editor of choice (or photopea) to edit the files that you want to see in the game.

When editing textures, please keep in mind that you need to export transparency as an alpha mask. See Textures: Importing, editing, exporting for details.

Step 2: Delete those files you don't want

Step 3: Publishing

If you want to post your mod on Nexus, you might want to do two things:

  • link back to this guide

  • Add this mod as a requirement

Happy modding, choom!

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