How to Change Position and Rotation of an entMeshComponent

Guide made by Forsentio with the help of Loomy, PixelRick and Sombra - Team members working on various projects at RED Modding Tools.


We will guide you through the step-by-step process that will allow you to rotate and position differently the duvet above V's bed, so that it flows with how the sleep animation plays out.


The Steps:

1. Unbundle and uncook basegame_3_nightcity.archive, basegame_4_gamedata.archive. 2. Find the entity you want to modify (in our case it's located here "basegame_3_nightcity\base\quest\minor_quests\mq000\entities") 3. Once you have the entity open its buffer in the Cyberpunk Save Editor by dragging and dropping it inside. 4. Open the entMeshComponent that has the same name as the mesh you want to modify (in our case is 3 entMeshComponent "bed_duvet_poor"). 5. Open the localTrasnform array, and inside of it Position and Orientation; you're going to see different values. IMPORTANT NOTE: ijkr are to be read as xyzw, **** where z is front/backword, x is left/rigth, y up/down. 6. Edit those values accordingly to how you want the entMeshComponent to appear in game (this is where experimenting is encouraged until you get the result you want ) IMPORTANT: For a better understanding of how your changes may affect the ingame position and rotation use this website (kindly provided by Loomy) 7. Repack, Build and put into the Mod folder

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