Archived: World editing via file edit


This guide is archived and will lead to wide-ranging compatibility issues. Do not use it for your world edits - please look up the ArchiveXL guides instead!


Created by @Krat0es Published October 10 2022

This guide aims to teach you moving and deleting objects from the world.


  • the most recent Wolvenkit (stable | Nightly), at least 8.7

  1. Add your sector file to the Wolvenkit project

  2. Open it by double-clicking

  3. Click on Sector Preview again

  4. Click into the preview to highlight an object. This will print the object's node name and -index to the log.

  5. In the list on the right, find the object that you want to delete. You can toggle the red checkmark(s) to show/hide objects in the preview

  1. Go back to the WorldStreamingSector tab

  2. Click on expand nodeData to find the object in the list. It is easiest to go by index, which should have been printed to the log when you selected the object in step 4.

  3. Expand the node and find Position, Orientation and Scale:

You can now

  • change the object's coordinates or scale

  • delete the object from the world by right-clicking the node and deleting it (see screenshot deletus)

Remember to save the file after making changes!


My deleted object is low-resolution now!

That means that it has a proxy mesh, which you also need to delete.

  1. Search the game for your sector file's name without the last digit Example: You're editing interior_-23_15_0_1 You're searching interior_-23_15_0_

Note: when you delete a object and you see a low res mesh in its place in the game that means the object has a proxy assigned you will have to find the sector the proxy is in and delete the proxy mesh. (you may do that following the same steps)

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