Adding Objects to the World

will share info on how to add objects like door, loot, walls etc


Created by @Krat0es updated by Doctor Presto Valid as of March 21, 2023

This guide aims to teach you adding objects to the world.


  • allmeshes.archive and updated allpaths file created by KeanuWheeze - this archive contains an ent for every single vanilla mesh in the game, allowing you to spawn anything you'd like. place the archive in your mods folder and use the allpaths text file to replace the one in your object spawner data folder in the CET directory - should be something like this: Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\entSpawner\data

Adding Objects to the World

  • Install Object Spawner

  • Start the game, load a save, navigate to the location you'd like to build and press your CET hotkey. Object Spawner will open along side CET and any other CET mods you have installed

  • Go to the "Spawn New" tab of Object Spawner and search for the objects you'd like to spawn - simply click on the name to spawn it.

  • Use the tools in the "Spawned" tab to move and position your objects. It is a good practice to give each object a unique and recognizable label. Try to proceed slowly and always keep in mind that you may want to move/change or otherwise edit these components later on so a few extra moments to keep them organized and labelled can save you a lot of frustration later on.

Note: depending on the object spawned, it may or may not have baked in collisions. Keep this in mind and don't worry - there are a number of ways to either add collisions, fake them, or enable them depending on the context.

  • Add your objects to a group - if creating a building or other complicated structure, you should also create subgroups for each of your exterior walls and other major components.

  • after placing the objects, save the group incase you want to change something later on. You can use Object Spawner's export function to create a .JSON file which you can use to add these objects permanently to the world. (The Export button can be enabled in Object Spawner's 'Settings' tab)

Now you are ready to move on to the next guide which will help you add these items to a new .streamingsector file and merge your additions with the game world using ArchiveXL so that your items are a permanent addition with no worries about conflicting with other mods.

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