Spawn Codes (BaseIDs/Hashes)

Item spawn codes and how they link to appearances

What's a BaseID?

Each item is uniquely identified by this . You can use it to spawn items via Cyber Engine Tweaks with the following command:

Game.AddToInventory("", 5000) is the baseID for eddies, and the 5000 will stuff 5 grand into your pocket.

Lists of Base IDs

You can usually find any BaseID on the fandom wiki. Search for a game item, then expand the section "technical details" in the box to the right.

A selection of lists for looking up item codes. Alternatively, you can browse through the game's files, or search the web.

Excel Sheet (2.0 compatible)

Excel sheet from #cet-commands on Discord with item codes. Please note the tabs at the bottom.

A list with BaseIDs

Google Sheets (August 2022), supports filtering

Item Previews (pretty pictures!)


all items, on mascV, with CET spawn codes

Spawn codes to in-game names, with many screenshots on masc V

Screenshots on femme V with spawn codes

From a BaseID to an item's materials

As an example, this will use Reinforced Puffer Vest (Items.Vest_17_basic_01)

The base ID

An item's spawn code is called BaseID. It looks like this:


and will be used to spawn items via CET (Game.AddToInventory("Items.Vest_17_basic_01")).

A base ID consists out of two parts. The first one (Vest_17) determines the item, the second one (basic_01) determines the variant.

Finding the files

Head to WolvenKit and search for the first part of the BaseID:

You will find at least one entity file and an appearance file.

If you find multiple files, you need to open the correct one. You can identify those by the folder path: for player meshes, the name of the last folder will contain either _pwa_ or _pma_, and the path will include either that or player.

The .app

Open the apperance file: this is where the item and its variants are actually defined.

To learn more about this, you can check Appearance: .app files

You will see a bunch of appearances:

We only care for _m and _w right now, since they are using different meshes. Open the array components and find the one holding the mesh:

We can see that the basic_01 appearance is using the default material, and the basic_02 appearance is using the bbstripes material:

To find your way through the mesh, check the guide for recoloring items!

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