A list of modding frameworks and links to their documentation

What is a framework?

While the game natively supports mods, this would have had us limited to replacing already existing items, but we wanted flying cars. So a bunch of brilliant people drilled deep into the code of Cyberpunk 2077 and created a bunch of tools that let us do more.
The most prominent example of a framework mod is the Skyrim Script Extender — fortunately, Cyberpunk 2077 is rather more stable.
Since this kind of mod interacts with the game's code on such a fundamental level, they are prone to breaking whenever CDPR changes their API. This is the reason why game updates break mods — we recommend to turn off auto-update and manually upgrading once the frameworks you need have been brought up-to-date.

Cyber Engine Tweaks (CET)

Cyber Engine Tweaks (Nexus | GitHub) does not only give you the game console to cheat items and change the weather, but also introduces a whole framework with LUA scripting support, letting modders interact with .
Lots of mods and scripts run on top of CET, tweaking the game in various ways from changing the weather to adding a wardrobe system before CDPR added a wardrobe system.
The perhaps most prominent example is Appearance Menu Mod (wiki | Nexus), which turns Cyberpunk 2077 into The Sims: Capitalist Dystopia.


Redscript (Nexus | GitHub) is an open-source programming language and toolset, natively working with Cyberpunk 2077's scripting runtime. With the help of .reds files under r6/scripts, it lets you modify and extend the user interface, change the combat balance, influence NPC behaviour, and much more.


RED4ext (Nexus | GitHub) is Cyberpunk 2077's equivalent to Skyrim Script Extender. It adds further scripting capability on top of what CDPR has so kindly provided, loading scripts from /red4ext/plugins.
Aside from being required for many mods, it is a perquisite for other frameworks such as ArchiveXL, TweakXL, and Equipment-EX.


ArchiveXL (Nexus | GitHub) allows us to load custom resources into Cyberpunk 2077. Working under the hood, it is the essential tool to add rather than replace.


TweakXL (Nexus | GitHub) is an extension of RED4ext to modify the TweakDB by writing script extensions in both YAML and RED format.
By interacting with REDEngine 4's database, it lets you view and alter information about game entities and behaviour in real time.


Equipment-EX (Nexus | GitHub) makes use of every single one of the frameworks mentioned above to overhaul CDPR's wardrobe system. Extending it from 6 slots to more than 30, it lets you save an unlimited number of outfits and supports modded items.
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