Knowledge about animations in Cyberpunk, first and third person


This page contains theoretical knowledge about animations and poses (static animations) in Cyberpunk 2077.
If you want to look up what is where, please refer to the Cheat Sheet.

What is an animation?

An animation is a collection of static poses played as a sequence.
If you want to make poses (replacer, photo mode or AMM) instead, see Modding Guides -> Animations.

What is a rig?

Also called armature or skeleton, a rig is the thing that makes a character move.
For a list of rigs by path, see the cheat sheet.

Animation sets


You can find body animation sets with the following Wolvenkit search query:
base\animations > locomotion > .anims
Which animation set a character uses is defined by entAnimationSetupExtensionComponent(s) in the root entity:


You can find facial animation sets with the following Wolvenkit search query:
base\animations\facial > .anims
They are referenced from an entAnimationSetupExtensionComponent inside the .app file: