Community guides

This page holds a list of community guides all over the internet.

Modding guides

Legacy: Introduction (Google Docs, by Halvkyrie)
By now, this is outdated, but this document contains the first comprehensive introduction to CP2077 modding
by BeautiDuwanger#1637 by Hyst
Google Doc by Rosza#6193
By PinkyDude on tumblr
Guide on Nexus
Google Doc link (who made this?)
Guide by Halvkyrie#4000
What it is, what it does, how to use
How to edit scripts (Redscript comparison)
How to install/replace animations
Google Doc (who made this?) Requires Photoshop or Photopea
Google Doc (who made this?)


Google Doc link (who made this?)
Google Drive, by Halk
Google Doc (who made this?)

Rigging and animations

youtube video by Hineytroll
youtube video by Raq#6517
Tutorial by Deceptious & Zwei
Tutorial by Deceptious & Zwei
Tutorial by xbaebsae (Angy)
Google Doc (who made this?)

AMM (Appearance Menu Mod)

Not a guide, just a framework
by PinkyDude

Custom NPCs (NPVs)

Please see the corresponding sub-page


by trala#5476 - ordered by animated actor
by Halvkyrie#4000 - identifies the internal names of the hair colour swatches in character creator with picture references. Update required as of patch 1.6 due to the addition of 8 new hair profiles.
Overview section on this wiki

Scripting and quests

Bioskop's research
Bioskop's Wiki (WIP)


How to Vocode voices for the game
Guide on Nexus
Guide on github


Step-by-step guide for exporting to Blender
Adding the rigs to the models in Blender
How to export parts of Night City
Youtube tutorial
Google Doc by nanarc


Google Drive, by nanarc#1301
xbaebsae's website
nexus, by omnishambles

Discord conversation references