List of words that need more context
A comprehensive list of jargon you might see on this Wiki or around our community. This glossary is not alphabetical, so be sure to use your browser search function to find what you're looking for. (CTRL+F for most applications)


  • GitHub: A website which hosts code and helps programmers collaborate on projects. The source code for e.g. WolvenKit or Cyber Engine Tweaks is hosted there. You can compile the WolvenKit source code yourself, or for non-developers you can find WolvenKit releases here first.
  • REDengine: The proprietary video game engine developed by CD Projekt Red for The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. Witcher 3 uses REDengine 3 (RED3), Cyberpunk 2077 uses REDengine 4 (RED4).

Modding Tools


  • masklist: The masklist file is a custom .txt document used as a helper file to generate new mlmasks using the Import/Export tool.
  • Material json: Material json files are used by the Import/Export tool during for the mesh I/O process. The json will be named after the mesh file then suffixed with .Material.json (i.e. judy_01.Material.json)

Game Files

  • Cooked/Uncooked: Whether a file is compressed by the REDengine build process.
    • Cooked: Files extracted with the Asset Browser using WolvenKit (including Legacy) are cooked files. See also:
    • Uncooked: After using the Official Witcher 3 Modkit to import an FBX to W2MESH, this file is uncooked. Rather than calling these files imported, the uncooked terminology is derived from the cooked (compressed) file state.
  • Packed: CDPR games do not load loose files, but rather compress resources into archives. This compression process is called packing. The Witcher 3 uses ".bundle" files, while Cyberpunk 2077 uses the ".archive" file format.
  • Raw: Generic term used to refer to non-REDengine files that have a resource counterpart. The raw format of the REDengine XBM texture format can be TGA, PNG, DDS, etc. e.g. "Do you have the raw texture?" - This is an inquiry about the TGA/PNG/DDS counterpart to a game texture file.
  • Resource: A technical term for a REDengine asset file (e.g. .xbm, .mesh, .env).
  • W2RC/CR2W: The file magic number for REDengine files. REDengine resource files are commonly referenced as W2RC/CR2W files for shorthand.


  • Reference: A string value in a resource that exists in another resource, and it is used to chain resource together as they are loaded into the game. Some examples are a DepotPath that points at another resource, a list index that points at a material entry, and an appearance that points at a component.
  • Vanilla: Original or unmodified i.e. Johnny Silverhand's vanilla appearance can be changed with a DLC.
  • Legacy: Techie slang for "the old system". Note that the new system doesn't have to be better, just newer.


CET: One of Cyberpunk's core mods, Cyber Engine Tweaks.
Red4Ext: One of Cyberpunk's core mods, the RED script extender (not to confuse with Redscript).
SomethingXL, e.g. ArchiveXL, TweakXL: One of Cyberpunk's core mods (by modder psiberx). Requires Red4Ext.
SomethingEx, e.g. CyberwareEx, EquiipmentEx: An extender of Cyberpunk's core functionality (usually by modder psiberx).
AMM: AppearanceMenuMod. Advertised as a mod "for virtual photography", but that's like calling an orbital laser a toaster. Requires CET.
EBBWTFBBQ: Probably a body mod. Seriously, who can even keep track?