AMM: Swap Johnny during the Alt's scene


Created & Published: Summer 2021 by @Pinkydude

What youโ€™ll need :

First off, grab my FixSwap and Removers mods and drop them in your Mod Folder

Load your โ€œNever Fade Awayโ€ save file before entering the room, and open AMM

Spawn > At Own Risk > Johnny mirror

The spawned Johnny will be invisible, youโ€™ll need to scan his feet shadow to be able to swap!

Make a quick save and reload it

Make sure to despawn your V/Johnny before entering the room!

There will be small a moment, when Alt takes off Johnnyโ€™s glasses, where your V will turn invisible ; Thatโ€™s ok, theyโ€™ll pop right back when the mirror scene start!

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