Dependency resolution

What are CNames? How do they work?


How are dependencies resolved?

There are several ways how the game can pull in dependencies. The dependency paths are stored in CNames and can be held by multiple data structures, such as:

A CName is the engine's internal way of representing a . It's used all over the place in many different contexts, holding tags or depotPaths.


Recommended flags: Default

Represents a mandatory dependency that will be loaded together with the and is stored together with it.


Represents a dependency where the is only pointing at a resource. As the raRef's holder will not even try to load the linked asset, someone else needs to load it instead.

Why unloaded raRefs can crash the game (technical detail)

TL;DR: You don't need to know this, as it's handled by the core frameworks such as ArchiveXL.

to understand the problem, you need to know that although resources can be requested by any thread, only the main thread can use the wait function, which blocks the current thread until the resource is ready

all other threads must use async callbacks to wait for resources and are not allowed to block the resource fetch function uses the wait function to make sure the resource is loaded before returning data 

this means that if the game tries to fetch a resource that is not ready in any thread other than the main thread, it's a guaranteed crash 

usually when resource is requested, the engine runs a specific for the current scenario chain of async callbacks to pre-load all necessary dependencies (other resources) 

when the loading chain is completed, the requester can fetch the resource with its dependencies without blocking on any thread (the blocking wait function will be skipped, since all necessary resources are already loaded) 

if you add an invalid dependency or something that the engine doesn't expect, it will be loaded without async waiting and hence there's a chance it will be accessed before it's ready (which leads to a blocking wait call and a crash) 

but accidentally it might just load in time, which is why this crash is so random and hard to deal with

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Recommended setting when you're unsure which flag to use.

Used by: rRef

Indicates that the engine should load the requested resource together with the . Will try to find it in the same .archive as the file requesting it, falling back to other archives only afterwards.


Used by: rRef

When a resource is flagged as embedded, it is directly included in the place where it is used. However, resources flagged as embedded might not work as expected if they live in inplaceresources.


Used by: raRef

This flag is used for resources that are not immediately mandatory. It seems to be a more flexible reference that does not load the resource immediately but points to where it can be found when needed. It's used in root entities for referencing .app files, for example.


Unknown, but probably a legacy artifact from Witcher3


Unknown, but probably a legacy artifact from Witcher3


Unknown, but probably a legacy artifact from Witcher3

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