Variants and appearances

For the purpose of recoloring or exchanging items


Created by @manavortex Published November 05 2022

This page is a look-up for recolouring or replacing items. For an overview of existing items, see here.

As for how to find this information when it's not on the page, check this guide.

When adding an entry, please include the following information:

  • Relative path

  • Item spawn code(s)

  • Number of variants

  • Mapping of variant names to item spawn codes

T1 (inner torso) โ€” Shirts

Reinforced Bra (4 variants)

File Path: base\characters\garment\citizen_prostitute\torso\t1_047_tank__pushup\

Duo-Layer-Bustier (6 variants)

File Path: base\characters\garment\citizen_prostitute\torso\t1_097_tank__corset_doll\

T2 (outer torso) โ€” Jackets

Crystaljock Bomber (6 variants)

File Path: base\characters\garment\player_equipment\torso\t2_084_jacket__short_sleeves

Reinforced Puffer vest (4 variants)

File Path: base\characters\garment\player_equipment\torso\t2_002_vest__puffy

Legs โ€” Pants, skirts etc.

Windbreaker Pants (9 variants)

File Path: base\characters\garment\player_equipment\legs\l1_070_pants__loose

Feet โ€” Shoes

H1 (Head)

H2 (Head) โ€” Face

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